5 Benefits of Saliva

Saliva seems like such a simple thing that we take for granted (like most of our bodily functions and organs). But what is as simple as “spit” actually does far more than one thing for the health of our mouth and digestive track. It’s amazing when you realize things such as saliva are actually extremely important to your overall health. Without it, you’d have a harder time eating, breathing, and even speaking.

We’ve compiled the many benefits of saliva in a tidy list below. You’ll likely be surprised at what all your spit really does for your teeth, tongue, throat, cheeks, gums, and esophagus.

Lubricates your mouth.
The moisture from your saliva reduces friction between the tongue, lips, and cheeks to help you to speak smoothly and clearly. It also provides lubrication during eating for easier chewing and more comfortable swallowing.

Prevents food particles from sticking to your teeth.
Saliva rids the mouth of accumulated bacteria, viruses, and yeast that can attach to the teeth, gums and tongue, which is the cause of cause of various health, both dental and general, issues. Saliva physically wipes any such accumulation away.

Additionally, saliva can naturally neutralize food and plaque acids in the mouth to prevent cavities. Swallowing saliva can even protect the digestive tract by shielding the esophagus from harmful irritants, and can also help to prevent heartburn.

Saliva is essential for keeping gum tissue,the tongue, the throat, and the lining of the mouth all moisturized. You don’t want a dry mouth, do you? Your mouth feels normal when resting and moisturized, but if it were dry, it would be hard to speak, breathe, and even eat.

Breaks down food.
Enzymes that are naturally found in saliva help to break down food particles and improve your ability to digest the foods that you eat. This is one of the things most known about saliva and what most people will say is it’s primary job. Without saliva, any food you ate would be dry, harder to swallow, and harder to digest within your stomach by the time you swallowed it.

If you accidentally bite your lip or get a mouth sore, saliva will help speed up your healing. Packed with healthy enzymes, saliva repairs and even regenerates damaged tissue in the mouth. Saliva also constantly remineralizes the surface of the teeth (the enamel) for added strength after an acid attack.


Tips for Root Planning

Many people don’t know about root planning and its benefits for the dental health. To put simply, it is the process of cleaning the gums. This process is highly suggested for people who have gum diseases because of tartar around the gum line. It is important to note that gums are not attached to the teeth directly; there is a small moat around each tooth. The crystallizing of tartar around the gum needs to be removed by the process called root planning.

The dentist suggests root planning to patients who have gum problems and it is done by removing tartar and scraping in addition to disinfecting it. And if you are looking for good names, dentist  is one of the options. Furthermore, the procedure of root planning is expensive, but it is required for people having serious gums issues.

The removal of tartar is important because it can cause infection in your blood, which may increase inflammatory index in the body in form of inducing inflammation in different parts of the body. Hence, it can ultimately disturb the immune system. Moreover, the use of anesthesia is recommended for root planning as it can trigger pain in a patient. The process of root planning is suggested and supervised by the dentist to prevent any kind of complications during the operating procedure. However, the case of every person varies in comparison to majority due to different dental history.

There are two methods used for root planning, one is manual and other one is ultrasonic for removing cemented plaque around the gum line. In the manual method, dentists remove tartar by using tools to scrape the dirt on teeth. The dentist breaks the layers of tartar to protect the tooth from further damage. Sometimes dentists use the combination of both manual and ultrasonic method for effective cleaning of gums. It is painful for some people, as it involves digging and scraping which causes discomfort in your mouth. This implies that the process of root planning is complex and it requires extra care for sustaining the long lasting impact on a tooth.

On the other hand, the ultrasonic method is less painful and convenient for preventing the formation of the plague on the gum bed. It is easy as dental wand tries help to break the layer of tartar from the gum line. It is recommended for patients who have sensitive parts in the mouth. The use of the ultrasonic method is suggested by dentists for those who have good oral hygiene because it can cause problems for those who have bad oral health in terms of having other problems related to gums. The use of the ultrasonic method is expensive, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Root cleaning is a sensitive procedure, as it requires the expertise of dentist to judge the presence of tartar pockets during the procedure. The experience of the dentist is tested during the root planning. The dentist is supposed to make a judgmental call on the condition of gum tissue, which may change color in the wake of the removal of plaque from the gums. Mostly the layer of plague is 3mm deep if it is more than that, for instance around 5-7mm; it needs extra digging for proper cleaning. Sometimes the procedure causes swelling of gums as a side effect. In a case of a 5-7mm deposit, the chances are that some parts of tartar may remain there on the gums.

The removal of the layers of tartar from gum line requires more than one sitting for complete cleaning of the gums. Dentists recommend that one should go for three to four sitting with the experts before and after the procedure of root planning. It is also dependent upon the individual gum tissues, as it varies from person to person. Some people may recover from root planning early and some people take a long time to recover from the procedure of root planning. In simple words, the gum tissues respond differently in everybody. Furthermore, the dental history of the patient does play an important role in determining the recovery of the patient from the dental procedure.

The best way to increase the life of the root planning is to try few of the home remedies, for example, rinse your mouth with salty water after few hours. Moreover, one should not chew or bite the lip, cheek or gum, especially if your gum is numb after the medical procedure. Similarly, adding eight glasses of water and increasing intake of juices in your diet can help to heal. Additionally, adding soft food in your diet like yogurt, soft eggs, and soups after the root planning is suggested by some experts. And dentist recommends not having hot drinks and spicy food, as it could cause discomfort for you after the procedure.

Moreover, the doctors also suggest using the Chlorhexidine and fluoride for preventing the buildup of bacteria in mouth particularly, around the gum line. It helps in fighting against the formation of tartar in the mouth. When you brush your teeth, disinfect the brush head for protecting the teeth from any bacterial activity in your mouth. Furthermore, it is highly suggested that you brush the teeth gently and floss them within the seventy-two hours, especially after the root planning. Dentists also prohibit the use of tobacco after root cleaning along with the smoking. The harmful effects of tobacco can cause problems in your mouth.

To conclude, one can say that the root planning is very effective in countering the formation of the thick layer around the gum line. Dentists recommend this process for those who have gum problems and if you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene of the mouth. The supervision of the dentist is required for the people who are recovering from the process of root planning. And the use of manual and ultrasonic methods is commonly used for treating the gum, especially if it has thick layers of plaque on it ranging from 5mm to 7mm. In other words, proper care can save your money and unnecessary pain.

Additionally, the dentist must consider the age factor before suggesting root planning, because it can have serious consequences for your oral health. Furthermore, the process of root planning must be avoided at a young age, because one can recover without undergoing the surgical procedure. Likewise, regular checkups are essential for ensuring the health of gums after the detailed process of root planning. The role of the san jose dentist is crucial to the success of the procedure and it helps to prevent any other problem in gums. Therefore, one should give importance to regular cleaning of teeth in order to avoid dental surgery.

Why an Electric Toothbrush May Be Right for You?

When you stroll through the oral hygiene aisle, do you ever see the electronic brushes and ponder “Is this better at cleaning my mouth?” If you think along these lines, you are not the only one. Numerous patients ask your dentist if it’s justified, despite all the trouble to change to the higher-end answer for honing great oral care, or whether it has it’s just a fancy machine that costs a lot but doesn’t do much to benefit your oral health. Either way, whether you choose an electronic or manual tooth brush the results depend on.

Many people don’t practice the correct technique

You can’t always blame the bristles, the handle or the toothpaste, the truth is many factors may affect your dental hygiene. While inclination towards a certain type of toothbrush is one thing, it can likewise rely upon the procedure you utilize. Tragically, numerous patients don’t practice proper oral health care procedure when brushing at home. This outcomes in deficient brushing and just expands the danger of creating tooth decay and gum infection.

In fact, the two sorts of brushes are consummately perfect for getting rid of plaque that causes dental malady. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you observe brushing to be especially troublesome or repetitive, you’ll need to think about the accompanying advantages and disadvantages of both types of brushes before settling on a choice.

What’s in store from Manual Toothbrushes

The manual toothbrush has been around for a huge number of years and helped keep numerous ages of mouths clean. The main, current toothbrush was made in the late 1700s and it hasn’t changed excessively from that point forward, other than the material and delicate quality of the fibers.

Manual toothbrushes are cheap, accessible in a wide assortment of styles, effortlessly replaceable, require no batteries or charging stations to utilize, and extremely versatile. Obviously, a few people may experience issues utilizing them on the off chance that they have a major health condition, for example, joint pain or a physical inability. They additionally require appropriate brushing method to utilize viably, so you ought to ask your dentist what the best tips are to maintaining your oral hygiene while keeping your health condition or physical inability in concern.

How an Electric Toothbrush Compares

All things considered, electric tooth brushes are better for more people in light of the fact that the vast majority don’t comprehend what is the correct way of brushing your teeth, or just wish to not pay much heed to it. A rotating, electronic brush is less demanding to use in more circumstances, despite the fact that they just give patients a slight favorable position over manual brushes, at any rate as indicated by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the general worldwide consumer reports.

Rotating, electronic brushes are perfect for patients who:

Are as yet figuring out how to brush

Have ability issues, including youngsters, seniors, and individuals with inabilities

Discover brushing monotonous and need to make it all the more energizing without much exertion

Obviously, oscillating brushes are effortlessly 10 times the cost of a manual toothbrush, require charging, and are not effectively replaceable.

In any case, what truly matters most isn’t the toothbrush, yet the individual holding it. In case you’re as yet not certain which brush is appropriate for you, plan a meeting with your dentist today! The debate of which brush is better can go on for eons so what you should consider is what your better with. If you’ve got a fast lifestyle or if you have serious issues of tooth rot, it all depends on how you want to deal with your situation.

How cosmetic dentistry is an anti-aging secret

As we get older, sometimes we have to get some treatments that will help you. It all happens, and anyone who doesn’t have aging is either lying, or has amazing DNA, that’s for sure. After a certain point in time though, typically the wrinkles, the aging spots, and the graying begin to come in, and you wish to have that mouth come back. Some people tend to do this with plastic surgery, but one of the best ways to help really get back to the life that you had before is cosmetic dentistry. It’s an anti-aging secret that will make you look younger, happier, wealthier, smarter, and healthier. It’s actually the secret that you should consider indulging in if you’re looking to find love, promotions, or even just overall confidence. Here, we’ll go over a few of the aging problems and the solutions that cosmetic dentistry by denTist can provide.

The first, is stained teeth. The solution is professional whitening. As you get older, you probably will feel regret for having that coffee every day because your teeth will get stained. Eating and drinking stains your teeth though, and if you did have a nicotine addiction at some point, you can have tooth discoloration that can set in harshly over time. Whitening will give you a powerful enough push to get the stains out of there, and in many cases, it can shade your teeth about 10 shades whiter than they are. A white smile can make your self esteem soar, and it’s one of the simplest solutions, even when you don’t have perfect or straight teeth.

Then there are sagging cheeks. Jowls are often a problem for many people, and for some, it can be a genetic thing, but if you have people that have lost their molars and done nothing to replace them can cause this. If you have gaps within your smile, it can cause the foundation of your teeth to be disturbed, and then it causes your cheeks to sag. This isn’t fun to deal with, but dental implants can build the foundation that you need to make your smile full once more, and it’s a common way to help fix up the smile.

If you have thinning lips, which is actually another aging side effect, you can reverse it with veneers. Collagen tends to get lost as we get older, but typically, it disappears in your lips. One of the best dental procedures actually is veneers, and they help with this as well. veneers sit on the teeth, and from there, it will naturally bump out your lips. This will give you a pout that looks plumper, and a smile that doesn’t look like it has imperfections. Veneers are typically great for any sort of problem, including discoloration, stains, misalignment and gaps. You can minimize the lines and wrinkles around the mouth and even support the jaw better.

Finally, you have broken down teeth. This happens with age and this can interfere with how the jaw closes, and not only that can be extremely discomforting. If you’re struggling with the jaw pain that you might have, or maybe you have some teeth that are worn down, you can get crowns to help offset this. If there are teeth grinding there, you can also get TMJ treatment, which helps with the clenching, and Invisalign to happen with the mouth. All of this put together can help you have a smile that’s winning and beautiful, and it helps prevent the wear and tear of the mouth from happening as well.

When it comes to our oral health, some of the best things that we can do is to help make ourselves look younger. It does have benefits that extend from just looking hot and confident, but it’s also a way to help offset aging, and to make you feel better as well. It’s pretty miraculous all that you can do, and with the way that aging is, over time, it can help to shed years off your life and make you look even better than you did before, no matter how old you might be or what aging has done to you.